RRC ID 70453
Author Jenkins BH, Maguire F, Leonard G, Eaton JD, West S, Housden BE, Milner DS, Richards TA.
Title Emergent RNA-RNA interactions can promote stability in a facultative phototrophic endosymbiosis.
Journal Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
Abstract Significance Stable endosymbiosis between eukaryotic microbes has driven the evolution of further cellular complexity. Yet the mechanisms that can act to stabilize an emergent eukaryote–eukaryote endosymbiosis are unclear. Using the model facultative endosymbiotic system, Paramecium bursaria , we demonstrate that endosymbiont–host RNA–RNA interactions can drive a cost to host growth upon endosymbiont digestion. These RNA–RNA interactions are facilitated by the host RNA-interference system. For endosymbiont messenger RNA sharing a high level of sequence identity with host transcripts, this process can result in host gene knockdown. We propose that these endosymbiont–host RNA–RNA interactions—“RNA-interference collisions”—represent an emergent mechanism to sanction the host for breakdown of the endosymbiosis, promoting the stability of the facultative endosymbiotic interaction.
Volume 118(38)
Published 2021-9-21
DOI 10.1073/pnas.2108874118
PII 2108874118
PMID 34521754
PMC PMC8463893
MeSH Chlorella / genetics Chloroplasts / genetics Eukaryota / genetics Paramecium / genetics Phototrophic Processes / genetics* Plastids / genetics RNA / genetics* RNA Interference / physiology Symbiosis / genetics*
IF 9.412
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