RRC ID 70456
Author Kuroda T, Ritchey CM, Podlesnik CA.
Title Zebrafish choice behavior is sensitive to reinforcer rate, immediacy, and magnitude ratios.
Journal J Exp Anal Behav
Abstract Behavioral flexibility has, in part, been defined by choice behavior changing as a function of changes in reinforcer payoffs. We examined whether the generalized matching law quantitatively described changes in choice behavior in zebrafish when relative reinforcer rates, delays/immediacy, and magnitudes changed between two alternatives across conditions. Choice was sensitive to each of the three reinforcer properties. Sensitivity estimates to changes in relative reinforcer rates were greater when 2 variable-interval schedules were arranged independently between alternatives (Experiment 1a) than when a single schedule pseudorandomly arranged reinforcers between alternatives (Experiment 1b). Sensitivity estimates for changes in relative reinforcer immediacy (Experiment 2) and magnitude (Experiment 3) were similar but lower than estimates for reinforcer rates. These differences in sensitivity estimates are consistent with studies examining other species, suggesting flexibility in zebrafish choice behavior in the face of changes in payoff as described by the generalized matching law.
Volume 116(2)
Pages 182-207
Published 2021-9-1
DOI 10.1002/jeab.709
PMID 34223635
MeSH Animals Choice Behavior Columbidae Reinforcement Schedule Reinforcement, Psychology* Zebrafish*
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