RRC ID 70486
Author Yancey CE, Smith DJ, Den Uyl PA, Mohamed OG, Yu F, Ruberg SA, Chaffin JD, Goodwin KD, Tripathi A, Sherman DH, Dick GJ.
Title Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Insights into Population Diversity of Microcystis Blooms: Spatial and Temporal Dynamics of mcy Genotypes, Including a Partial Operon That Can Be Abundant and Expressed.
Journal Appl Environ Microbiol
Abstract Cyanobacteria are responsible for producing microcystins (MCs), a class of potent and structurally diverse toxins, in freshwater systems around the world. While microcystins have been studied for over 50 years, the diversity of their chemical forms and how this variation is encoded at the genetic level remain poorly understood, especially within natural populations of cyanobacterial harmful algal blooms (cyanoHABs).
Volume 88(9)
Pages e0246421
Published 2022-5-10
DOI 10.1128/aem.02464-21
PMID 35438519
PMC PMC9088275
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