RRC ID 70700
Author Iglesias González AB, Jakobsson JET, Vieillard J, Lagerström MC, Kullander K, Boije H.
Title Single Cell Transcriptomic Analysis of Spinal Dmrt3 Neurons in Zebrafish and Mouse Identifies Distinct Subtypes and Reveal Novel Subpopulations Within the dI6 Domain.
Journal Front Cell Neurosci
Abstract The spinal locomotor network is frequently used for studies into how neuronal circuits are formed and how cellular activity shape behavioral patterns. A population of dI6 interneurons, marked by the Doublesex and mab-3 related transcription factor 3 (Dmrt3), has been shown to participate in the coordination of locomotion and gaits in horses, mice and zebrafish. Analyses of Dmrt3 neurons based on morphology, functionality and the expression of transcription factors have identified different subtypes. Here we analyzed the transcriptomes of individual cells belonging to the Dmrt3 lineage from zebrafish and mice to unravel the molecular code that underlies their subfunctionalization. Indeed, clustering of Dmrt3 neurons based on their gene expression verified known subtypes and revealed novel populations expressing unique markers. Differences in birth order, differential expression of axon guidance genes, neurotransmitters, and their receptors, as well as genes affecting electrophysiological properties, were identified as factors likely underlying diversity. In addition, the comparison between fish and mice populations offers insights into the evolutionary driven subspecialization concomitant with the emergence of limbed locomotion.
Volume 15
Pages 781197
Published 2021-6-1
DOI 10.3389/fncel.2021.781197
PMID 35002627
PMC PMC8733252
IF 3.921
Zebrafish Tg(dmrt3a:Gal4)