RRC ID 70714
Author Khallaf MA, Cui R, Weißflog J, Erdogmus M, Svatoš A, Dweck HKM, Valenzano DR, Hansson BS, Knaden M.
Title Large-scale characterization of sex pheromone communication systems in Drosophila.
Journal Nat Commun
Abstract Insects use sex pheromones as a reproductive isolating mechanism to attract conspecifics and repel heterospecifics. Despite the profound knowledge of sex pheromones, little is known about the coevolutionary mechanisms and constraints on their production and detection. Using whole-genome sequences to infer the kinship among 99 drosophilids, we investigate how phylogenetic and chemical traits have interacted at a wide evolutionary timescale. Through a series of chemical syntheses and electrophysiological recordings, we identify 52 sex-specific compounds, many of which are detected via olfaction. Behavioral analyses reveal that many of the 43 male-specific compounds are transferred to the female during copulation and mediate female receptivity and/or male courtship inhibition. Measurement of phylogenetic signals demonstrates that sex pheromones and their cognate olfactory channels evolve rapidly and independently over evolutionary time to guarantee efficient intra- and inter-specific communication systems. Our results show how sexual isolation barriers between species can be reinforced by species-specific olfactory signals.
Volume 12(1)
Pages 4165
Published 2021-7-6
DOI 10.1038/s41467-021-24395-z
PII 10.1038/s41467-021-24395-z
PMID 34230464
PMC PMC8260797
MeSH Animals Biological Evolution Communication* Copulation / physiology Courtship Drosophila / physiology* Drosophila melanogaster / physiology Female Male Pheromones / metabolism* Phylogeny Sex Attractants / physiology* Sexual Behavior, Animal / physiology Smell / physiology Species Specificity
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