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Author Segi N, Ozaki T, Suzuki Y, Ouchida J, Imagama S, Kadomatsu K, Sakamoto K.
Title Close association of polarization and LC3, a marker of autophagy, in axon determination in mouse hippocampal neurons.
Journal Exp Neurol
Abstract The autophagy-lysosome pathway is a cellular clearance system for intracellular organelles, macromolecules and microorganisms. It is indispensable for cells not only to maintain their homeostasis but also to achieve more active cellular processes such as differentiation. Therefore, impairment or disruption of the autophagy-lysosome pathway leads to a wide spectrum of human diseases, ranging from several types of neurodegenerative diseases to malignancies. In elongating axons, autophagy preferentially occurs at growth cones, and disruption of autophagy is closely associated with incapacity for axonal regeneration after injury in the central nervous system. However, the roles of autophagy in developing neurons remain elusive. In particular, whether autophagy is involved in axon-dendrite determination is largely unclear. Using primary cultured mouse embryonic hippocampal neurons, we here showed the polarized distribution of autophagosomes among minor processes of neurons at stage 2. Time-lapse observation of neurons from GFP-LC3 transgenic mice demonstrated that an "LC3 surge"-i.e., a rapid accumulation of autophagic marker LC3 that continues for several hours in one minor process-proceeded the differentiation of neurons into axons. In addition, pharmacological activation and inhibition of autophagy by trehalose and bafilomycin, respectively, accelerated and delayed axonal determination. Taken together, our findings revealed the close association between LC3, a marker of autophagy, and axon determination in developing neurons.
Volume 354
Pages 114112
Published 2022-8-1
DOI 10.1016/j.expneurol.2022.114112
PII S0014-4886(22)00137-6
PMID 35568188
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