RRC ID 71556
Author Lu R, Sun J, Qiu Y, Zhang M, Xue X, Li X, Yang W, Zhou D, Hu L, Zhang Y.
Title The quorum sensing regulator OpaR is a repressor of polar flagellum genes in Vibrio parahaemolyticus.
Journal J Microbiol
Abstract Vibrio parahaemolyticus possesses two types of flagella: a single polar flagellum (Pof) for swimming and the peritrichous lateral flagella (Laf) for swarming. Expression of Laf genes has previously been reported to be regulated by the quorum sensing (QS) regulators AphA and OpaR. In the present study, we showed that OpaR, the QS regulator at high cell density (HCD), acted as a negative regulator of swimming motility and the transcription of Pof genes in V. parahaemolyticus. OpaR bound to the promoter-proximal DNA regions of flgAMN, flgMN, and flgBCDEFGHIJ within the Pof gene loci to repress their transcription, whereas it negatively regulates the transcription of flgKL-flaC in an indirect manner. Thus, this work investigated how QS regulated the swimming motility via direct action of its master regulator OpaR on the transcription of Pof genes in V. parahaemolyticus.
Volume 59(7)
Pages 651-657
Published 2021-7-1
DOI 10.1007/s12275-021-0629-3
PII 10.1007/s12275-021-0629-3
PMID 34061340
PMC PMC8167305
MeSH Flagella / genetics* Gene Expression Regulation, Bacterial* Genes, Bacterial Movement Promoter Regions, Genetic Quorum Sensing* Regulatory Sequences, Nucleic Acid Transcription Factors / metabolism* Transcription, Genetic Vibrio parahaemolyticus / genetics* Vibrio parahaemolyticus / growth & development Vibrio parahaemolyticus / physiology
IF 2.845
Pathogenic bacteria V. parahaemolyticus strain RIMD 2210633