RRC ID 71732
Author Buntru M, Gärtner S, Staib L, Kreuzaler F, Schlaich N.
Title Delivery of multiple transgenes to plant cells by an improved version of MultiRound Gateway technology.
Journal Transgenic Res
Abstract At present, only few methods for the effective assembly of multigene constructs have been described. Here we present an improved version of the MultiRound Gateway technology, which facilitates plant multigene transformation. The system consists of two attL-flanked entry vectors, which contain an attR cassette, and a transformation-competent artificial chromosome based destination vector. By alternate use of the two entry vectors, multiple transgenes can be delivered sequentially into the Gateway-compatible destination vector. Multigene constructs that carried up to seven transgenes corresponding to more than 26 kb were assembled by seven rounds of LR recombination. The constructs were successfully transformed into tobacco plants and were stably inherited for at least two generations. Thus, our system represents a powerful, highly efficient tool for multigene plant transformation and may facilitate genetic engineering of agronomic traits or the assembly of genetic pathways for the production of biofuels, industrial or pharmaceutical compounds in plants.
Volume 22(1)
Pages 153-67
Published 2013-2-1
DOI 10.1007/s11248-012-9640-0
PMID 22972476
MeSH Arabidopsis / cytology Arabidopsis / genetics Chromosomes, Artificial Cloning, Molecular Gene Transfer Techniques* Genetic Engineering Genetic Vectors* Plants, Genetically Modified / genetics* Tobacco / cytology Tobacco / genetics Transgenes*
IF 1.856
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpd00105