RRC ID 71795
Author Okudela K, Mitsui H, Woo T, Kojima Y, Matsumura M, Arai H, Suzuki T, Umeda S, Tateishi Y, Saito Y, Tajiri M, Masuda M, Kameda Y, Ohashi K.
Title Expression of tropomyosins in lung cancer - a potential role in carcinogenesis and its utility in a histopathological diagnosis.
Journal Histol Histopathol
Abstract We herein analyzed the relationships between tropomyosin protein expression levels and clinicopathological factors in order to determine the significance of tropomyosins in lung cancers. Although neoplastic cells expressed different isoforms of tropomyosin, overall expression levels were lower than those in bronchial and alveolar epithelial cells. In adenocarcinomas, tropomyosin levels were markedly reduced in poorly differentiated or solid subtype carcinomas, suggesting that a loss in the expression of tropomyosins is involved in the progression of lung adenocarcinomas. The potential utility of the immunohistochemical expression of tropomyosins for a histopathological diagnosis was also investigated. The sensitivity and specificity of a loss in the expression of tropomyosins were 100% and 50%, respectively, which were superior to those for the strong expression of p53 (sensitivity 100% and specificity 44%), a conventional biomarker. An immunohistochemical examination of tropomyosins may assist in the histopathological detection of lung cancer cells in small biopsy specimens.
Volume 31(8)
Pages 857-66
Published 2016-8-1
DOI 10.14670/HH-11-721
PII HH-11-721
PMID 26750107
IF 2.021
Human and Animal Cells LC-2/ad(RCB0440)