RRC ID 72277
Author Yoshiba N, Edanami N, Ohkura N, Maekawa T, Takahashi N, Tsuzuno T, Maeda T, Tabeta K, Izumi K, Noiri Y, Yoshiba K.
Title Laminin Isoforms in Human Dental Pulp: Lymphatic Vessels Express Laminin-332, and Schwann Cell-Associated Laminin-211 Modulates CD163 Expression of M2-like Macrophages.
Journal Immunohorizons
Abstract Laminin, a basement membrane heterotrimeric glycoprotein composed of α/β/γ subunits, has important tissue-specific functions in the control of cellular behavior. Our recent study showed the colocalization of CD163+ M2-like macrophages with Schwann cells in human dental pulp, leading us to hypothesize that the laminin isoform of Schwann cells is associated with CD163 expression. The present study investigated the distribution of laminin isoforms in human dental pulp and the underlying mechanisms that affect macrophage phenotypes. Immunofluorescence analysis indicated that blood vessels were exclusively positive for laminin α4 and α5, whereas laminin α2 was associated with Schwann cells. Unexpectedly, laminin α3/laminin-332 (α3β3γ2) was detected on lymphatic vessels. In intact and carious teeth, CD163+ cells were associated with laminin α2, whereas CD206 single-positive cells were present inside, outside, and along blood vessels. In vitro incubation of THP-1 macrophages in plates coated with laminin-211/511 or its functionally analogous E8 fragments of α-chain (E8-α) indicated that cell shapes differed between macrophages grown on laminin-211/E8-α2 and macrophages grown on laminin-511/E8-α5. Laminin-211/E8-α2-coated plates upregulated CD163 expression, compared with laminin-511/E8-α5-coated plates. Integrin α3- and integrin α6-neutralizing Abs altered the shape of THP-1 macrophages and upregulated mRNA levels of CD206 and CD163 in macrophages grown on laminin-511; the neutralizing Abs did not affect macrophages grown on laminin-211. These findings suggest that laminin isoforms differentially regulate macrophage behavior via distinct integrin-laminin affinities. Of note, laminin-332 is expressed by pulpal lymphatic vessels, the existence of which has been debated; laminin-211 might have a role in maintaining CD163 expression on macrophages.
Volume 5(12)
Pages 1008-1020
Published 2021-12-29
DOI 10.4049/immunohorizons.2100110
PII immunohorizons.2100110
PMID 34965967
Human and Animal Cells THP-1