RRC ID 72676
Author Goldsmith SL, Shimell M, Tauscher P, Daly SM, Shimmi O, O'Connor MB, Newfeld SJ.
Title New resources for the Drosophila 4th chromosome: FRT101F enabled mitotic clones and Bloom syndrome helicase enabled meiotic recombination.
Journal G3 (Bethesda)
Abstract Genes on the long arm of the Drosophila melanogaster 4th chromosome are difficult to study because the chromosome lacks mitotic and meiotic recombination. Without recombination numerous standard methods of genetic analysis are impossible. Here, we report new resources for the 4th. For mitotic recombination, we generated a chromosome with an FRT very near the centromere in 101F and a derivative that carries FRT101F with a distal ubiquitously expressed GAL80 transgene. This pair of chromosomes enables both unmarked and MARCM clones. For meiotic recombination, we demonstrate that a Bloom syndrome helicase and recombination defective double mutant genotype can create recombinant 4th chromosomes via female meiosis. All strains will be available to the community via the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center. Additional resources for studies of the 4th are in preparation and will also be made available. The goal of the 4th Chromosome Resource Project is to accelerate the genetic analysis of protein-coding genes on the 4th, including the 44 genes with no demonstrated function. Studies of these previously inaccessible but largely conserved genes will close longstanding gaps in our knowledge of metazoan development and physiology.
Volume 12(4)
Published 2022-4-4
DOI 10.1093/g3journal/jkac019
PII 6516016
PMID 35084488
PMC PMC8982423
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