RRC ID 73453
Author Yoshida Y, Nosaka-T M, Yoshikawa T, Sato Y.
Title Measurements of Antibacterial Activity of Seed Crude Extracts in Cultivated Rice and Wild Oryza Species.
Journal Rice (N Y)
Abstract Seeds are continuously exposed to a wide variety of microorganisms in the soil. In addition, seeds contain large amounts of carbon and nitrogen sources that support initial growth after germination. Thus, seeds in the soil can easily promote microbial growth, and seeds are susceptible to decay. Therefore, seed defense against microorganisms is important for plant survival. Seed-microbe interactions are also important issues from the perspective of food production, in seed quality and shelf life. However, seed-microbe interactions remain largely unexplored. In this study, we established a simple and rapid assay system for the antibacterial activity of rice seed crude extracts by colorimetric quantification methods by the reduction of tetrazolium compound. Using this experimental system, the diversity of effects of rice seed extracts on microbial growth was analyzed using Escherichia coli as a bacterial model. We used collections of cultivated rice, comprising 50 accessions of Japanese landraces, 52 accessions of world rice core collections, and of 30 wild Oryza accessions. Furthermore, we attempted to find genetic factors responsible for the diversity by genome-wide association analysis. Our results demonstrate that this experimental system can easily analyze the effects of seed extracts on bacterial growth. It also suggests that there are various compounds in rice seeds that affect microbial growth. Overall, this experimental system can be used to clarify the chemical entities and genetic control of seed-microbe interactions and will open the door for understanding the diverse seed-microbe interactions through metabolites.
Volume 15(1)
Pages 63
Published 2022-12-13
DOI 10.1186/s12284-022-00610-3
PII 10.1186/s12284-022-00610-3
PMID 36513947
PMC PMC9748026
Rice W0002, W0008, W0017, W0106, W0652, W1024, W1166, W1169, W1182, W1194, W1197, W1213, W1220, W1294, W1361, W1401, W1514, W1588, W1625, W1628, W1635, W1711, W1805, W1830, W1866, W1921, W2003, W2145, W2199, W2220