RRC ID 73475
Author Shintani-Ishida K, Tsurumi R, Ikegaya H.
Title Decrease in the expression of muscle-specific miRNAs, miR-133a and miR-1, in myoblasts with replicative senescence.
Journal PLoS One
Abstract Muscles that are injured or atrophied by aging undergo myogenic regeneration. Although myoblasts play a pivotal role in myogenic regeneration, their function is impaired with aging. MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are also involved in myogenic regeneration. MiRNA (miR)-1 and miR-133a are muscle-specific miRNAs that control the proliferation and differentiation of myoblasts. In this study, we determined whether miR-1 and miR-133a expression in myoblasts is altered with cellular senescence and involved in senescence-impaired myogenic differentiation. C2C12 murine skeletal myoblasts were converted to a replicative senescent state by culturing to a high passage number. Although miR-1 and miR-133a expression was largely induced during myogenic differentiation, expression was suppressed in cells at high passage numbers (passage 10 and/or passage 20). Although the senescent myoblasts exhibited a deterioration of myogenic differentiation, transfection of miR-1 or miR-133a into myoblasts ameliorated cell fusion. Treatment with the glutaminase 1 inhibitor, BPTES, removed senescent cells from C2C12 myoblasts with a high passage number, whereas myotube formation and miR-133a expression was increased. In addition, primary cultured myoblasts prepared from aged C57BL/6J male mice (20 months old) exhibited a decrease in miR-1 and miR-133a levels compared with younger mice (3 months old). The results suggest that replicative senescence suppresses muscle-specific miRNA expression in myoblasts, which contributes to the senescence-related dysfunction of myogenic regeneration.
Volume 18(1)
Pages e0280527
Published 2023-1-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pone.0280527
PII PONE-D-22-25137
PMID 36649291
PMC PMC9844915
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Human and Animal Cells C2C12(RCB0987)