RRC ID 73856
Author Williams PA, Naughton KE, Simon LA, Soto GE, Parham LR, Ma X, Danan CH, Hu W, Friedman ES, McMillan EA, Mehta H, Stoltz MA, Soto Ocaña J, Zackular J, Bittinger K, Whelan KA, Karakasheva TA, Hamilton KE.
Title Intestinal epithelial autophagy is required for the regenerative benefit of calorie restriction.
Journal Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol
Abstract Calorie restriction can enhance the regenerative capacity of the injured intestinal epithelium. Among other metabolic changes, calorie restriction can activate the autophagy pathway. While independent studies have attributed the regenerative benefit of calorie restriction to downregulation of mTORC1, it is not known whether autophagy itself is required for the regenerative benefit of calorie restriction. We used mouse and organoid models with autophagy gene deletion to evaluate the contribution of autophagy to intestinal epithelial regeneration following calorie restriction. In the absence of injury, mice with intestinal epithelial-specific deletion of autophagy gene Atg7 (Atg7ΔIEC) exhibit weight loss and histological changes similar to wildtype mice following calorie restriction. Conversely, calorie restricted Atg7ΔIEC mice displayed a significant reduction in regenerative crypt foci following irradiation compared to calorie restricted wildtype mice. Targeted analyses of tissue metabolites in calorie restricted mice revealed an association between calorie restriction and reduced glycocholic acid (GCA) in wildtype but not Atg7ΔIEC mice. To evaluate whether GCA can directly modulate epithelial stem cell self-renewal, we performed enteroid formation assays with or without GCA. Wildtype enteroids exhibited reduced enteroid formation efficiency in response to GCA treatment, suggesting that reduced availability of GCA during calorie restriction may be one mechanism by which calorie restriction favors epithelial regeneration in a manner dependent upon epithelial autophagy. Taken together, our data support the premise that intestinal epithelial Atg7 is required for the regenerative benefit of calorie restriction, due in part to its role in modulating luminal GCA with direct effects on epithelial stem cell self-renewal.
Published 2023-2-28
DOI 10.1152/ajpgi.00248.2022
PMID 36852920
IF 3.725
Mice RBRC02759