RRC ID 73951
Author Inouye S, Watanabe K, Nakamura H, Shimomura O.
Title Secretional luciferase of the luminous shrimp Oplophorus gracilirostris: cDNA cloning of a novel imidazopyrazinone luciferase(1).
Journal FEBS Lett
Abstract The deep-sea shrimp Oplophorus gracilirostris secretes a luciferase that catalyzes the oxidation of coelenterazine to emit blue light. The luciferase (M(r) approx. 106000) was found to be a complex composed of 35 kDa and 19 kDa proteins, and the cDNAs encoding these two proteins were cloned. The expression of the cDNAs in bacterial and mammalian cells indicated that the 19 kDa protein, not the 35 kDa protein, is capable of catalyzing the luminescent oxidation of coelenterazine. The primary sequence of the 35 kDa protein revealed a typical leucine-rich repeat sequence, whereas the catalytic 19 kDa protein shared no homology with any known luciferases including various imidazopyrazinone luciferases.
Volume 481(1)
Pages 19-25
Published 2000-9-8
DOI 10.1016/s0014-5793(00)01963-3
PII S0014579300019633
PMID 10984608
MeSH Amino Acid Motifs Amino Acid Sequence Animals COS Cells Catalysis Cloning, Molecular Decapoda / enzymology* Decapoda / genetics Escherichia coli / genetics Imidazoles* Leucine / genetics Leucine / metabolism Luciferases / chemistry Luciferases / genetics* Luciferases / isolation & purification Luciferases / metabolism* Luminescence Microsomes / metabolism Molecular Sequence Data Molecular Weight Protein Biosynthesis Pyrazines / metabolism* Recombinant Fusion Proteins / chemistry Recombinant Fusion Proteins / genetics Recombinant Fusion Proteins / metabolism Repetitive Sequences, Amino Acid Sequence Alignment Transfection
IF 3.057
DNA material pKAZ-412 (RDB19840) pOL23 (RDB19842)