RRC ID 74203
Author Fabio A. Echeverry, Sundas Ijaz, Alberto E. Pereda
Title Recording Synaptic Transmission from Auditory Mixed Synapses on the Mauthner Cells of Developing Zebrafish
Journal eneuro
Abstract The Mauthner cells are a pair of large reticulospinal neurons that organize sensory-evoked tail flip responses in fishes. An identifiable group of auditory “mixed” (electrical and chemical) synaptic contacts known as “Large Myelinated Club endings” on these cells have provided a valuable model for the study of synaptic transmission in the vertebrate brain. While most of studies were performed in adult fish, we describe here methods that make possible recording synaptic transmission from these contacts in developing zebrafish, a genetically tractable vertebrate species which is uniquely amenable for combining synaptic physiology with live imaging and behavioral analysis.
Volume 9
Pages ENEURO.0021-22.2022
Published 2022-5-1
DOI 10.1523/eneuro.0021-22.2022
PMID 35641226
PMC PMC9215698
MeSH Animals Gap Junctions / physiology Neurons / physiology Synapses / physiology Synaptic Transmission* / physiology Zebrafish*
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