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Author Das M, Cheng D, Matzat T, Auld VJ.
Title Innexin-Mediated Adhesion between Glia Is Required for Axon Ensheathment in the Peripheral Nervous System.
Journal J Neurosci
Abstract Glia are essential to protecting and enabling nervous system function and a key glial function is the formation of the glial sheath around peripheral axons. Each peripheral nerve in the Drosophila larva is ensheathed by three glial layers, which structurally support and insulate the peripheral axons. How peripheral glia communicate with each other and between layers is not well established and we investigated the role of Innexins in mediating glial function in the Drosophila periphery. Of the eight Drosophila Innexins, we found two (Inx1 and Inx2) are important for peripheral glia development. In particular loss of Inx1 and Inx2 resulted in defects in the wrapping glia leading to disruption of the glia wrap. Of interest loss of Inx2 in the subperineurial glia also resulted in defects in the neighboring wrapping glia. Inx plaques were observed between the subperineurial glia and the wrapping glia suggesting that gap junctions link these two glial cell types. We found Inx2 is key to Ca2+ pulses in the peripheral subperineurial glia but not in the wrapping glia, and we found no evidence of gap junction communication between subperineurial and wrapping glia. Rather we have clear evidence that Inx2 plays an adhesive and channel-independent role between the subperineurial and wrapping glia to ensure the integrity of the glial wrap.SIGNIFICANCE STATEMENT Gap junctions are critical for glia communication and formation of myelin in myelinating glia. However, the role of gap junctions in non-myelinating glia is not well studied, yet non-myelinating glia are critical for peripheral nerve function. We found the Innexin gap junction proteins are present between different classes of peripheral glia in Drosophila. Here Innexins form junctions to facilitate adhesion between the different glia but do so in a channel-independent manner. Loss of adhesion leads to disruption of the glial wrap around axons and leads to fragmentation of the wrapping glia membranes. Our work points to an important role for gap junction proteins in mediating insulation by non-myelinating glia.
Volume 43(13)
Pages 2260-2276
Published 2023-3-29
DOI 10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1323-22.2023
PII JNEUROSCI.1323-22.2023
PMID 36801823
PMC PMC10072304
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