RRC ID 74695
Author Adashev VE, Bazylev SS, Potashnikova DM, Godneeva BK, Shatskikh AS, Olenkina OM, Olenina LV, Kotov AA.
Title Comparative transcriptional analysis uncovers molecular processes in early and mature somatic cyst cells of Drosophila testes.
Journal Eur J Cell Biol
Abstract The tight interaction between somatic and germline cells is conserved in animal spermatogenesis. The testes of Drosophila melanogaster are the model of choice to identify processes responsible for mature gamete production. However, processes of differentiation and soma-germline interactions occurring in somatic cyst cells are currently understudied. Here we focused on the comparison of transcriptome expression patterns of early and mature somatic cyst cells to find out the developmental changes taking place in them. We employed a FACS-based approach for the isolation of early and mature somatic cyst cells from fly testes, subsequent preparation of RNA-Seq libraries, and analysis of gene differential expression in the sorted cells. We found increased expression of genes involved in cell cycle-related processes in early cyst cells, which is necessary for the proliferation and self-renewal of a crucial population of early cyst cells, cyst stem cells. Genes proposedly required for lamellipodium-like projection organization for proper cyst formation were also detected among the upregulated ones in early cyst cells. Gene Ontology and interactome analyses of upregulated genes in mature cyst cells revealed a striking over-representation of gene categories responsible for metabolic and catabolic cellular processes, as well as genes supporting the energetic state of the cells provided by oxidative phosphorylation that is carried out in mitochondria. Our comparative analyses of differentially expressed genes revealed major peculiarities in early and mature cyst cells and provide novel insight into their regulation, which is important for male fertility.
Volume 101(3)
Pages 151246
Published 2022-1-1
DOI 10.1016/j.ejcb.2022.151246
PII S0171-9335(22)00049-8
PMID 35667338
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