RRC ID 74725
Author Galasso A, Xu DC, Hill C, Iakovleva D, Stefana MI, Baena-Lopez LA.
Title Non-apoptotic caspase activation ensures the homeostasis of ovarian somatic stem cells.
Journal EMBO Rep
Abstract Current evidence has associated caspase activation with the regulation of basic cellular functions without causing apoptosis. Malfunction of non-apoptotic caspase activities may contribute to specific neurological disorders, metabolic diseases, autoimmune conditions and cancers. However, our understanding of non-apoptotic caspase functions remains limited. Here, we show that non-apoptotic caspase activation prevents the intracellular accumulation of the Patched receptor in autophagosomes and the subsequent Patched-dependent induction of autophagy in Drosophila follicular stem cells. These events ultimately sustain Hedgehog signalling and the physiological properties of ovarian somatic stem cells and their progeny under moderate thermal stress. Importantly, our key findings are partially conserved in ovarian somatic cells of human origin. These observations attribute to caspases a pro-survival role under certain cellular conditions.
Pages e51716
Published 2023-4-11
DOI 10.15252/embr.202051716
PMID 37039000
IF 7.497