RRC ID 74780
Author Hossain MF, Dutta AK, Suzuki T, Higashiyama T, Miyamoto C, Ishiguro S, Maruta T, Muto Y, Nishimura K, Ishida H, Aboulela M, Hachiya T, Nakagawa T.
Title Targeted expression of bgl23-D, a dominant-negative allele of ATCSLD5, affects cytokinesis of guard mother cells and exine formation of pollen in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Journal Planta
Abstract Targeted expression of bgl23-D, a dominant-negative allele of ATCSLD5, is a useful genetic approach for functional analysis of ATCSLDs in specific cells and tissues in plants. Stomata are key cellular structures for gas and water exchange in plants and their development is influenced by several genes. We found the A. thaliana bagel23-D (bgl23-D) mutant showing abnormal bagel-shaped single guard cells. The bgl23-D was a novel dominant mutation in the A. thaliana cellulose synthase-like D5 (ATCSLD5) gene that was reported to function in the division of guard mother cells. The dominant character of bgl23-D was used to inhibit ATCSLD5 function in specific cells and tissues. Transgenic A. thaliana expressing bgl23-D cDNA with the promoter of stomata lineage genes, SDD1, MUTE, and FAMA, showed bagel-shaped stomata as observed in the bgl23-D mutant. Especially, the FAMA promoter exhibited a higher frequency of bagel-shaped stomata with severe cytokinesis defects. Expression of bgl23-D cDNA in the tapetum with SP11 promoter or in the anther with ATSP146 promoter induced defects in exine pattern and pollen shape, novel phenotypes that were not shown in the bgl23-D mutant. These results indicated that bgl23-D inhibited unknown ATCSLD(s) that exert the function of exine formation in the tapetum. Furthermore, transgenic A. thaliana expressing bgl23-D cDNA with SDD1, MUTE, and FAMA promoters showed enhanced rosette diameter and increased leaf growth. Taken together, these findings suggest that the bgl23-D mutation could be a helpful genetic tool for functional analysis of ATCSLDs and manipulating plant growth.
Volume 257(4)
Pages 64
Published 2023-2-22
DOI 10.1007/s00425-023-04097-0
PII 10.1007/s00425-023-04097-0
PMID 36811672
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