RRC ID 74845
Author Jeffrey D. Leblond, Braedyn E. Hollingsworth, Daniel Ayoub, Mackenzie B. Mckinnon, Chelsea S. Myers, Tawakalit J. Busari, Kyra Sabir
Title Galactolipid composition of the star‐shaped dinoflagellate Asterodinium gracile (Kareniaceae): presence of hexadecatetraenoic acid (16:4(n‐3))‐containing monogalactosyldiacylglycerol as the predominant galactolipid and chemotaxonomic closeness to Karenia mikimotoi as the only other known Kareniacean producer of this fatty acid
Journal Phycological Research
Published 2023-3-20
DOI 10.1111/pre.12518
Algae NIES-4329