RRC ID 75832
Author Yuliya Genievskaya, Shyryn Almerekova, Saule Abugalieva, Aigul Abugalieva, Kazuhiro Sato, Yerlan Turuspekov
Title Identification of SNPs Associated with Grain Quality Traits in Spring Barley Collection Grown in Southeastern Kazakhstan
Journal Agronomy
Abstract Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) is an important cereal crop with high genome plasticity that is cultivated in all climatic zones. Traditionally, barley grain is used for animal feed, malting, brewing, and food production. Depending on the end-use product, there are individual requirements for the quality traits of barley grain, particularly for raw starch and protein contents. This study evaluates a collection of 406 two-rowed spring barley accessions, comprising cultivars and lines from the USA, Kazakhstan, Europe, and Africa, based on five grain quality traits (the contents of raw starch, protein, cellulose, and lipids, and grain test weight) over two years. The results of population structure analysis demonstrate the significant impact of geographical origin on the formation of subclusters in the studied population. It was also found that the environment significantly affects grain quality traits. Heat and drought stresses, particularly during grain filling, led to higher protein and lower starch contents. A genome-wide association study (GWAS) using a multiple-locus mixed linear model (MLMM) allowed for the identification of 26 significant quantitative trait loci (QTLs) for the five studied grain quality traits. Among them, 17 QTLs were found to be positioned close to known genes and previously reported QTLs for grain quality in the scientific literature. Most of the identified candidate genes were dehydration stress and flowering genes, confirming that exposure to heat and drought stresses during grain filling may lead to dramatic changes in grain quality traits, including lower starch and higher protein contents. Nine QTLs were presumably novel and could be used for gene mining and breeding activities, including marker-assisted selection to improve grain quality parameters.
Volume 13
Pages 1560
Published 2023-6-6
DOI 10.3390/agronomy13061560
IF 2.603
Barley Seed samples and genotyping data on the accessions from Europe and Africa