RRC ID 75856
Author Wada Y, Tsukatani H, Kuroda C, Miyazaki Y, Otoshi M, Kobayashi I.
Title Jagged 2b induces intercellular signaling within somites to establish hematopoietic stem cell fate in zebrafish.
Journal Development
Abstract During development, the somites play a key role in the specification of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). In zebrafish, the somitic Notch ligands Delta-c (Dlc) and Dld, both of which are regulated by Wnt16, directly instruct HSC fate in a shared vascular precursor. However, it remains unclear how this signaling cascade is spatially and temporally regulated within somites. Here, we show in zebrafish that an additional somitic Notch ligand, Jagged 2b (Jag2b), induces intercellular signaling to drive wnt16 expression. Jag2b activated Notch signaling in segmented somites at the early stage of somitogenesis. Loss of jag2b led to a reduction in the expression of wnt16 in the somites and an HSC marker, runx1, in the dorsal aorta, whereas overexpression of jag2b increased both. However, Notch-activated cells were adjacent to, but did not overlap with, wnt16-expressing cells within the somites, suggesting that an additional signaling molecule mediates this intercellular signal transduction. We uncover that Jag2b-driven Notch signaling induces efna1b expression, which regulates wnt16 expression in neighboring somitic cells. Collectively, we provide evidence for previously unidentified spatiotemporal regulatory mechanisms of HSC specification by somites.
Volume 149(7)
Published 2022-4-1
DOI 10.1242/dev.200339
PII 274970
PMID 35388409
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