RRC ID 75857
Author Saiful Islam Khan, Ren Yamada, Ryoichi Shiroma, Tatsuki Abe, Akiko Kozaki
Title Properties of INDETERMINATE DOMAIN Proteins from Physcomitrium patens: DNA-Binding, Interaction with GRAS Proteins, and Transcriptional Activity
Journal Genes
Abstract INDETERMINATE DOMAIN (IDD) proteins are plant-specific transcription factors that interact with GRAS proteins, such as DELLA and SHORT ROOT (SHR), to regulate target genes. The combination of IDD and DELLA proteins regulates genes involved in gibberellic acid (GA) synthesis and GA signaling, whereas the combination of IDD with the complex of SHR and SCARECROW, another GRAS protein, regulates genes involved in root tissue formation. Previous bioinformatic research identified seven IDDs, two DELLA, and two SHR genes in Physcomitrium patens, a model organism for non-vascular plants (bryophytes), which lack a GA signaling pathway and roots. In this study, DNA-binding properties and protein–protein interaction of IDDs from P. patens (PpIDD) were analyzed. Our results showed that the DNA-binding properties of PpIDDs were largely conserved between moss and seed plants. Four PpIDDs showed interaction with Arabidopsis DELLA (AtDELLA) proteins but not with PpDELLAs, and one PpIDD showed interaction with PpSHR but not with AtSHR. Moreover, AtIDD10 (JACKDAW) interacted with PpSHR but not with PpDELLAs. Our results indicate that DELLA proteins have modified their structure to interact with IDD proteins during evolution from moss lineage to seed plants, whereas the interaction of IDD and SHR was already present in moss lineage.
Volume 14
Pages 1249
Published 2023-6-11
DOI 10.3390/genes14061249
IF 3.759
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpc00008