RRC ID 76344
Author Zhao T, Guan L, Ma X, Chen B, Ding M, Zou W.
Title The cell cortex-localized protein CHDP-1 is required for dendritic development and transport in C. elegans neurons.
Journal PLoS Genet
Abstract Cortical actin, a thin layer of actin network underneath the plasma membranes, plays critical roles in numerous processes, such as cell morphogenesis and migration. Neurons often grow highly branched dendrite morphologies, which is crucial for neural circuit assembly. It is still poorly understood how cortical actin assembly is controlled in dendrites and whether it is critical for dendrite development, maintenance and function. In the present study, we find that knock-out of C. elegans chdp-1, which encodes a cell cortex-localized protein, causes dendrite formation defects in the larval stages and spontaneous dendrite degeneration in adults. Actin assembly in the dendritic growth cones is significantly reduced in the chdp-1 mutants. PVD neurons sense muscle contraction and act as proprioceptors. Loss of chdp-1 abolishes proprioception, which can be rescued by expressing CHDP-1 in the PVD neurons. In the high-ordered branches, loss of chdp-1 also severely affects the microtubule cytoskeleton assembly, intracellular organelle transport and neuropeptide secretion. Interestingly, knock-out of sax-1, which encodes an evolutionary conserved serine/threonine protein kinase, suppresses the defects mentioned above in chdp-1 mutants. Thus, our findings suggest that CHDP-1 and SAX-1 function in an opposing manner in the multi-dendritic neurons to modulate cortical actin assembly, which is critical for dendrite development, maintenance and function.
Volume 18(9)
Pages e1010381
Published 2022-9-1
DOI 10.1371/journal.pgen.1010381
PMID 36126047
PMC PMC9524629
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