RRC ID 76516
Author Zhou P, Li JH, Liu YZ, Zhu ZW, Luo Y, Xiang XG.
Title Species richness disparity in tropical terrestrial herbaceous floras: Evolutionary insight from Collabieae (Orchidaceae).
Journal Mol Phylogenet Evol
Abstract Species richness is spatially heterogeneous even in the hyperdiverse tropical floras. The main cause of uneven species richness among the four tropical regions are hot debated. To date, higher net diversification rates and/or longer colonization time have been usually proposed to contribute to this pattern. However, there are few studies to clarify the species richness patterns in tropical terrestrial floras. The terrestrial tribe Collabieae (Orchidaceae) unevenly distributes in the tropical regions with a diverse and endemic center in Asia. Twenty-one genera 127 species of Collabieae and 26 DNA regions were used to reconstruct the phylogeny and infer the biogeographical processes. We compared the topologies, diversification rates and niche evolutionary rates of Collabieae and regional lineages on empirical samplings and different simulated samplings fractions respectively. Our results suggested that the Collabieae originated in Asia at the earliest Oligocene, and then independently spread to Africa, Central America, and Oceania since the Miocene via long-distance dispersal. These results based on empirical data and simulated data were similar. BAMM, GeoSSE and niche analyses inferred that the Asian lineages had higher net diversification and niche evolutionary rates than those of Oceanian and African lineages on the empirical and simulated analyses. Precipitation is the most important factor for Collabieae, and the Asian lineage has experienced more stable and humid climate, which may promote the higher net diversification rate. Besides, the longer colonization time may also be associated with the Asian lineages' diversity. These findings provided a better understanding of the regional diversity heterogeneity in tropical terrestrial herbaceous floras.
Volume 186
Pages 107860
Published 2023-6-16
DOI 10.1016/j.ympev.2023.107860
PII S1055-7903(23)00160-4
PMID 37329932
MeSH Asia Biological Evolution Orchidaceae* / genetics Phylogeny Phylogeography Plants
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