RRC ID 76744
Author Fukazawa J, Ohashi Y, Takahashi R, Nakai K, Takahashi Y.
Title DELLA degradation by gibberellin promotes flowering via GAF1-TPR-dependent repression of floral repressors in Arabidopsis.
Journal Plant Cell
Abstract Flowering is the developmental transition from the vegetative to the reproductive phase. FLOWERING LOCUS T (FT), SUPPRESSOR OF OVEREXPRESSION OF CONSTANS1 (SOC1), and LEAFY (LFY) are floral integrators. These genes are repressed by several floral repressors including EARLY FLOWERING3 (ELF3), SHORT VEGETATIVE PHASE (SVP), TEMPRANILLO1 (TEM1), and TEM2. Although gibberellin (GA) promotes flowering by activating the floral integrator genes, the exact molecular mechanism remains unclear. DELLAs are negative regulators in GA signaling and act as coactivators of the transcription factor GAI ASSOCIATED FACTOR 1 (GAF1). GAs convert the GAF1 complex from a transcriptional activator to a repressor. Here, we show that GAF1 functions in the GA-dependent flowering pathway by regulating FT and SOC1 expression in Arabidopsis thaliana. We identified four flowering repressors, ELF3, SVP, TEM1, and TEM2, as GAF1-target genes. In response to GAs, GAF1 forms a transcriptional repressor complex and promotes the expression of FT and SOC1 through the repression of four flowering repressor genes, ELF3, SVP, TEM1, and TEM2.
Volume 33(7)
Pages 2258-2272
Published 2021-8-13
DOI 10.1093/plcell/koab102
PII 6209740
PMID 33822231
PMC PMC8364242
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IF 9.618
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