RRC ID 76765
Author Yang X, Zhang X, Xue T, Zhang X, Yang F, Yu J, Janssens SB, Bussmann RW, Yu S.
Title Phylogenomics and historical biogeography of Hydrangeeae (Hydrangeaceae) elucidate the effects of geologic and climatic dynamics on diversification.
Journal Proc Biol Sci
Abstract Demonstrating the process of transregional biogeography and mechanisms underlying evolutionary radiations is crucial to understanding biological evolution. Here, we use Hydrangeeae (Hydrangeaceae), a tribe with a unique disjunct distribution and complex trait variations, using a solid phylogenetic framework, to investigate how geographical and climatic factors interact with functional traits to trigger plant evolutionary radiations. We constructed the first highly supported and dated phylogenetic framework using 79 protein-coding genes obtained from 81 plastomes, representing 63 species and all major clades, and found that most extant species originated from asynchronous diversification of two lineages undergoing repeated expansion and retraction, at middle and high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere between East Asia and North America, during the Eocene to Pleistocene (driven by geologic and climatic dynamics). In accordance with these drivers, interactions of flora between central-eastern China and Japan occurred frequently after the Late Tertiary. We found that resource limitation and range fragmentation probably accelerated the diversification of Hydrangeeae, which supports the resource-use hypothesis. Our study sheds light on the evolutionary radiation and assembly of flora within East Asia, and the East Asian-North American disjunction, through integration of phylogenomic and biogeographic data with functional trait and ecological data.
Volume 290(2003)
Pages 20230659
Published 2023-7-26
DOI 10.1098/rspb.2023.0659
PMID 37491959
PMC PMC10369024
MeSH Asia, Eastern Biological Evolution Hydrangeaceae* North America Phylogeny Phylogeography
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