RRC ID 76889
Author Riona Ishii, Mana Yoshida, Nanoka Suzuki, Hajime Ogino, Makoto Suzuki
Title X‐ray micro‐computed tomography of Xenopus tadpole reveals changes in brain ventricular morphology during telencephalon regeneration
Journal Development, Growth & Differentiation
Abstract Xenopus tadpoles serve as an exceptional model organism for studying post‐embryonic development in vertebrates. During post‐embryonic development, large‐scale changes in tissue morphology, including organ regeneration and metamorphosis, occur at the organ level. However, understanding these processes in a three‐dimensional manner remains challenging. In this study, the use of X‐ray micro‐computed tomography (microCT) for the three‐dimensional observation of the soft tissues of Xenopus tadpoles was explored. The findings revealed that major organs, such as the brain, heart, and kidneys, could be visualized with high contrast by phosphotungstic acid staining following fixation with Bouin's solution. Then, the changes in brain shape during telencephalon regeneration were analyzed as the first example of utilizing microCT to study organ regeneration in Xenopus tadpoles, and it was found that the size of the amputated telencephalon recovered to >80% of its original length within approximately 1 week. It was also observed that the ventricles tended to shrink after amputation and maintained this state for at least 3 days. This shrinkage was transient, as the ventricles expanded to exceed their original size within the following week. Temporary shrinkage and expansion of the ventricles, which were also observed in transgenic or fluorescent dye‐injected tadpoles with telencephalon amputation, may be significant in tissue homeostasis in response to massive brain injury and subsequent repair and regeneration. This established method will improve experimental analyses in developmental biology and medical science using Xenopus tadpoles.
Volume 65
Pages 300-310
Published 2023-8-4
DOI 10.1111/dgd.12881
PMID 37477433
MeSH Animals Animals, Genetically Modified Brain* / diagnostic imaging Larva X-Ray Microtomography Xenopus laevis / physiology
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Clawed frogs / Newts Xenopus tropicalis