RRC ID 76946
Author Nandani Balloo, Jakia Jerin Mehjabin, Chin‐Soon Phan, Tatsufumi Okino
Title Heat shock and iron limitation modulate the metabolic profile of the cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa NIES‐88
Journal Phycological Research
Abstract The freshwater cyanobacterium Microcystis aeruginosa NIES‐88, which can produce microcystins, micropeptins, and argicyclamides, was subjected to a one strain many compounds (OSMAC) analysis. We report its response to two environmental stressors, temperature and iron limitation, by means of untargeted and targeted metabolomics. The results demonstrated a slower specific growth rate of 0.20 per day and 0.16 per day in adverse conditions of 37°C and iron limitation, respectively. The metabolic signature of M. aeruginosa was highly dependent on incubation temperatures. Production of microcystins LR and RR was severely downregulated while that of argicyclamide B was significantly upregulated, with a highest 10‐fold increase on day 14 of heat shock treatment. M. aeruginosa NIES‐88 was found to produce a new compound, argicyclamide D (1), in iron limited medium, which has the same macrocyclic structure as the previously reported analogs. Hence, it is proposed that acclimation of M. aeruginosa to environmental stressors might be mediated by a change in the metabolic pathways as well as modulation of the levels of their expressed metabolites.
Published 2023-7-25
DOI 10.1111/pre.12529
Algae NIES-88