RRC ID 77362
Author Tsurushima H, Marushima A, Suzuki K, Oyane A, Sogo Y, Nakamura K, Matsumura A, Ito A.
Title Enhanced bone formation using hydroxyapatite ceramic coated with fibroblast growth factor-2.
Journal Acta Biomater
Abstract Our objective was to develop a bone substitute coated with fibroblast growth factor-2 (FGF-2) that subsequently releases FGF-2. We investigated the use of our system of bone substitutes to induce bone formation. Hydroxyapatite ceramic buttons (HAP-CBs) were coated with FGF-2 by precipitation in supersaturated calcium phosphate solution. HAP-CBs were coated with high or low doses of FGF-2, denoted as FGF-H and FGF-L. The release of FGF-2 from FGF-H and FGF-L was evaluated using its release profile and bioactivity. The efficacy of the subsequent bone formation was quantified using rats with round-shaped bone defects (5mm in diameter) of the right parietal bone. Group 1 was treated only with HAP-CBs, group 2 with HAP-CBs and drops of FGF-2 solution, group 3 with FGF-L and group 4 with FGF-H. To detect the release of FGF-2 in vivo, the expression of bone morphogenic protein-2 (BMP-2) was measured in the defective bone tissue. FGF-2 was released in vitro from FGF-H and FGF-L, and maintained its bioactivity. Rats treated with FGF-L showed better bone formation than rats from the other groups. BMP-2 expression was detected in the defective bone tissues of group 3 at 14 days, which might indicate in vivo FGF-2 release during this period. A specific FGF-2 concentration may be needed for bone formation, and our system can release FGF-2 at adequate concentrations to induce bone formation.
Volume 6(7)
Pages 2751-9
Published 2010-7-1
DOI 10.1016/j.actbio.2009.12.045
PII S1742-7061(09)00586-8
PMID 20045091
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