RRC ID 77560
Author Sakai D, Sugawara T, Kurokawa T, Murakami Y, Tomosugi M, Masuta H, Sakata-Haga H, Hatta T, Shoji H.
Title Hif1α-dependent hypoxia signaling contributes to the survival of deep-layer neurons and cortex formation in a mouse model.
Journal Mol Brain
Abstract Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 α (Hif1α) plays a crucial role in brain development. To study the function of Hif1α in early brain development, we generated neuroepithelial cell-specific Hif1α-knockout mice. Hif1α-knockout mice died soon after birth; these mice exhibited an abnormal head shape, indicating the presence of brain defects. Morphological analysis revealed that Hif1α ablation reduced the overall size of the brain, especially affecting the telencephalon. Neuronal apoptosis predominantly occurred in deep-layer neurons, consequently the alignment of cortical layers was severely disorganized in Hif1α knockout mice. Furthermore, we demonstrated that Vegf signaling contributes to the survival of deep-layer neurons as a downstream effector of Hif1α-dependent hypoxia signaling. Taken together, our findings demonstrate that Hif1α plays a critical role in the early stages of telencephalon development.
Volume 15(1)
Pages 28
Published 2022-3-31
DOI 10.1186/s13041-022-00911-0
PII 10.1186/s13041-022-00911-0
PMID 35361248
PMC PMC8973788
MeSH Animals Disease Models, Animal Hypoxia* Mice Mice, Knockout Neurons Signal Transduction*
IF 4.686
Mice RBRC05065