RRC ID 77785
Author Hann EC, Harland-Dunaway M, Garcia AJ, Meuser JE, Jinkerson RE.
Title Alternative carbon sources for the production of plant cellular agriculture: a case study on acetate.
Journal Front Plant Sci
Abstract Plant cellular agriculture aims to disrupt the way plant derived products are produced. Plant cell cultures are typically grown with sucrose as the primary carbon and energy source, but alternative carbon sources may have advantages over sucrose including less strain on food systems, lower costs, and more sustainable sourcing. Here we review carbon and energy sources that may serve as alternatives to sucrose in the cultivation of plant cell cultures. We identified acetate as a promising candidate and took the first steps to evaluate its potential for use in growing tobacco plant cell cultures. When added to media containing sucrose, acetate concentrations above 8 mM completely inhibit growth. Lower concentrations of acetate (2-4 mM) can support an increase in dry weight without sucrose but do not provide enough energy for substantial growth. 13C labeling indicates that tobacco plant cell cultures can incorporate carbon from exogenous acetate into proteins and carbohydrates. Analysis of transcriptome data showed that genes encoding glyoxylate cycle enzymes are expressed at very low levels compared to genes from the TCA cycle and glycolysis. Adaptive laboratory evolution experiments were able to increase tobacco cell cultures tolerance to acetate, demonstrating the potential for this type of approach going forward. Overall, our results indicate that acetate can be metabolized by plant cell cultures and suggest that further adaptive laboratory evolution or strain engineering efforts may enable acetate to serve as a sole carbon and energy source for tobacco plant cell cultures. This assessment of acetate provides a framework for evaluating other carbon and energy sources for plant cell cultures, efforts that will help reduce the costs and environmental impact, and increase the commercial potential of plant cellular agriculture.
Volume 14
Pages 1104751
Published 2023-1-1
DOI 10.3389/fpls.2023.1104751
PMID 37954996
PMC PMC10639172
IF 4.402
Arabidopsis / Cultured plant cells, genes rpc00001