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Author Yamada H, Yamazaki Y, Takebayashi Y, Yazawa K, Sasanishi M, Motoda A, Nakamori M, Morino H, Takahashi T, Maruyama H.
Title The long-term effects of heated tobacco product exposure on the central nervous system in a mouse model of prodromal Alzheimer's disease.
Journal Sci Rep
Abstract Heated tobacco products (HTPs) have emerged as novel alternatives to conventional cigarettes (CCs), marketed by the tobacco industry as having a reduced potential for harm. Nevertheless, a significant dearth of information remains regarding the long-term effects of HTPs on the central nervous system (CNS). Here, we sought to shed light on the repercussions of prolonged exposure to HTPs on the CNS, employing a mouse model mimicking prodromal Alzheimer's disease (AD). Our study entailed subjecting App knock-in mice to 16 weeks of HTP exposure, administered 5 days per week, with serum cotinine concentration serving as confirmation of HTP exposure within this model. Histological analysis, aimed at assessing amyloid pathology, unveiled a minimal impact attributable to HTPs. However, exploration of differentially expressed genes in the cerebral cortex, using unadjusted p values, indicated an association between HTP exposure and non-inflammatory pathways, specifically linked to neurohypophyseal and neuropeptide hormone activity within the CNS. Of note, similar results have already been observed after exposure to CCs in vivo. Our study not only contributes insights into the potential non-inflammatory effects of HTPs within the context of AD pathogenesis but also underscores the significance of continued research to comprehend the full scope of their impact on the CNS.
Volume 14(1)
Pages 227
Published 2024-1-2
DOI 10.1038/s41598-023-50941-4
PII 10.1038/s41598-023-50941-4
PMID 38167640
PMC PMC10761999
MeSH Alzheimer Disease* Amyloidogenic Proteins Animals Central Nervous System Disease Models, Animal Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems* Mice Tobacco Products*
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