RRC ID 78059
Author Hosoda K, Seno S, Murakami N, Matsuda H, Osada Y, Kamiura R, Kondoh M.
Title Synthetic model ecosystem of 12 cryopreservable microbial species allowing for a noninvasive approach.
Journal Biosystems
Abstract Simultaneous understanding of both population and ecosystem dynamics is crucial in an era marked by the degradation of ecosystem services. Experimental ecosystems are a powerful tool for understanding these dynamics; however, they often face technical challenges, typically falling into two categories: "complex but with limited replicability microcosms" and "highly replicable but overly simplistic microcosms." Herein, we present a high-throughput synthetic microcosm system comprising 12 functionally and phylogenetically diverse microbial species. These species are axenically culturable, cryopreservable, and can be measured noninvasively via microscopy, aided by machine learning. This system includes prokaryotic and eukaryotic producers and decomposers, and eukaryotic consumers to ensure functional redundancy. Our model system exhibited key features of a complex ecosystem: (i) various positive and negative interspecific interactions, (ii) higher-order interactions beyond two-species dynamics, (iii) probabilistic dynamics leading to divergent outcomes, and (iv) stable nonlinear transitions. We identified several conditions under which at least one species from each of the three functional groups-producers, consumers, and decomposers-and one functionally redundant species, persisted for over six months. These conditions set the stage for detailed investigations in the future. Given its designability and experimental replicability, our model ecosystem offers a promising platform for deeper insights integrating both population and ecosystem dynamics.
Volume 235
Pages 105087
Published 2024-1-1
DOI 10.1016/j.biosystems.2023.105087
PII S0303-2647(23)00262-9
PMID 37989470
MeSH Ecosystem* Prokaryotic Cells*
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