RRC ID 78841
Author Buth JE, Dyevich CE, Rubin A, Wang C, Gao L, Marks T, Harrison MR, Kong JH, Ross ME, Novitch BG, Pearson CA.
Title Foxp1 suppresses cortical angiogenesis and attenuates HIF-1alpha signaling to promote neural progenitor cell maintenance.
Journal EMBO Rep
Abstract Neural progenitor cells within the cerebral cortex undergo a characteristic switch between symmetric self-renewing cell divisions early in development and asymmetric neurogenic divisions later. Yet, the mechanisms controlling this transition remain unclear. Previous work has shown that early but not late neural progenitor cells (NPCs) endogenously express the autism-linked transcription factor Foxp1, and both loss and gain of Foxp1 function can alter NPC activity and fate choices. Here, we show that premature loss of Foxp1 upregulates transcriptional programs regulating angiogenesis, glycolysis, and cellular responses to hypoxia. These changes coincide with a premature destabilization of HIF-1α, an elevation in HIF-1α target genes, including Vegfa in NPCs, and precocious vascular network development. In vitro experiments demonstrate that stabilization of HIF-1α in Foxp1-deficient NPCs rescues the premature differentiation phenotype and restores NPC maintenance. Our data indicate that the endogenous decline in Foxp1 expression activates the HIF-1α transcriptional program leading to changes in the tissue environment adjacent to NPCs, which, in turn, might alter their self-renewal and neurogenic capacities.
Published 2024-4-10
DOI 10.1038/s44319-024-00131-8
PII 10.1038/s44319-024-00131-8
PMID 38600346
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