RRC ID 78881
Author Kato K, Habu Y, Takaku H.
Title Non-sequence specific RNA inhibition of HIV-1 replication.
Journal Nucleic Acids Symp Ser (Oxf)
Abstract In this study, we investigated an RNA (R-Psi-sgRNA) that suppresses HIV-1 replication. This RNA is expressed by a plasmid vector (pR-Psi-sgRNA-ter) that was constructed accidentally. To examine if this effect is caused by RNA interference, R-Psi-sgRNA was synthesized in vitro and treated with the Dicer enzyme, an important RNase III enzyme for RNA interference. The RNA was cleaved into fragments of approximately 20 nucleotides. We then performed an HIV-1 p24 assay with the RNA fragments to evaluate their effect on HIV-1 replication. HIV-1 replication was suppressed. We are now analyzing the sequences of the RNA fragments.
Volume (51)
Pages 411-2
Published 2007-1-1
DOI 10.1093/nass/nrm206
PII 51/1/411
PMID 18029761
MeSH Anti-HIV Agents / chemistry* Anti-HIV Agents / metabolism Base Sequence HIV-1 / physiology* HeLa Cells Humans Molecular Sequence Data RNA Interference* RNA, Small Untranslated Ribonuclease III / metabolism Virus Replication*
Human and Animal Cells EL4(RCB1641)