RRC ID 78889
Author Steve B. S. Baleba, Venkatesh Pal Mahadevan, Markus Knaden, Bill S. Hansson
Title Temperature-dependent modulation of odor-dependent behavior in three drosophilid fly species of differing thermal preference
Journal Communications Biology
Abstract Rapid and ongoing climate change increases global temperature, impacts feeding, and reproduction in insects. The olfaction plays an important underlying role in these behaviors in most insect species. Here, we investigated how changing temperatures affect odor detection and ensuing behavior in three drosophilid flies: Drosophila novamexicana, D. virilis and D. ezoana, species adapted to life in desert, global, and subarctic climates, respectively. Using a series of thermal preference assays, we confirmed that the three species indeed exhibit distinct temperature preferences. Next, using single sensillum recording technique, we classified olfactory sensory neurons (OSNs) present in basiconic sensilla on the antenna of the three species and thereby identified ligands for each OSN type. In a series of trap assays we proceeded to establish the behavioral valence of the best ligands and chose guaiacol, methyl salicylate and isopropyl benzoate as representatives of a repellent, attractant and neutral odor. Next, we assessed the behavioral valence of these three odors in all three species across a thermal range (10-35 °C), with flies reared at 18 °C and 25 °C. We found that both developmental and experimental temperatures affected the behavioral performance of the flies. Our study thus reveals temperature-dependent changes in odor-guided behavior in drosophilid flies.
Volume 6
Published 2023-9-4
DOI 10.1038/s42003-023-05280-5
PMID 37666902
PMC PMC10477191
MeSH Animals Biodiversity* Drosophila Ligands Odorants* Temperature
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