RRC ID 79011
Author Li K, Tsukasa Y, Kurio M, Maeta K, Tsumadori A, Baba S, Nishimura R, Murakami A, Onodera K, Morimoto T, Uemura T, Usui T.
Title Belly roll, a GPI-anchored Ly6 protein, regulates Drosophila melanogaster escape behaviors by modulating the excitability of nociceptive peptidergic interneurons.
Journal Elife
Abstract Appropriate modulation of escape behaviors in response to potentially damaging stimuli is essential for survival. Although nociceptive circuitry has been studied, it is poorly understood how genetic contexts affect relevant escape responses. Using an unbiased genome-wide association analysis, we identified an Ly6/α-neurotoxin family protein, Belly roll (Bero), which negatively regulates Drosophila nociceptive escape behavior. We show that Bero is expressed in abdominal leucokinin-producing neurons (ABLK neurons) and bero knockdown in ABLK neurons resulted in enhanced escape behavior. Furthermore, we demonstrated that ABLK neurons responded to activation of nociceptors and initiated the behavior. Notably, bero knockdown reduced persistent neuronal activity and increased evoked nociceptive responses in ABLK neurons. Our findings reveal that Bero modulates an escape response by regulating distinct neuronal activities in ABLK neurons.
Volume 12
Published 2023-6-13
DOI 10.7554/eLife.83856
PII 83856
PMID 37309249
PMC PMC10264074
MeSH Animals Drosophila Drosophila melanogaster* Genome-Wide Association Study* Interneurons Neurons Neurotoxins Nociception
Drosophila DGRC#115180