RRC ID 79024
Author Tsuboi A, Fujimoto K, Kondo T.
Title Spatiotemporal remodeling of extracellular matrix orients epithelial sheet folding.
Journal Sci Adv
Abstract Biological systems are inherently noisy; however, they produce highly stereotyped tissue morphology. Drosophila pupal wings show a highly stereotypic folding through uniform expansion and subsequent buckling of wing epithelium within a surrounding cuticle sac. The folding pattern produced by buckling is generally stochastic; it is thus unclear how buckling leads to stereotypic tissue folding of the wings. We found that the extracellular matrix (ECM) protein, Dumpy, guides the position and direction of buckling-induced folds. Dumpy anchors the wing epithelium to the overlying cuticle at specific tissue positions. Tissue-wide alterations of Dumpy deposition and degradation yielded different buckling patterns. In summary, we propose that spatiotemporal ECM remodeling shapes stereotyped tissue folding through dynamic interactions between the epithelium and its external structures.
Volume 9(35)
Pages eadh2154
Published 2023-9-1
DOI 10.1126/sciadv.adh2154
PMID 37656799
PMC PMC10854429
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