RRC ID 79045
Author Kohsaka H.
Title Linking neural circuits to the mechanics of animal behavior in Drosophila larval locomotion.
Journal Front Neural Circuits
Abstract The motions that make up animal behavior arise from the interplay between neural circuits and the mechanical parts of the body. Therefore, in order to comprehend the operational mechanisms governing behavior, it is essential to examine not only the underlying neural network but also the mechanical characteristics of the animal's body. The locomotor system of fly larvae serves as an ideal model for pursuing this integrative approach. By virtue of diverse investigation methods encompassing connectomics analysis and quantification of locomotion kinematics, research on larval locomotion has shed light on the underlying mechanisms of animal behavior. These studies have elucidated the roles of interneurons in coordinating muscle activities within and between segments, as well as the neural circuits responsible for exploration. This review aims to provide an overview of recent research on the neuromechanics of animal locomotion in fly larvae. We also briefly review interspecific diversity in fly larval locomotion and explore the latest advancements in soft robots inspired by larval locomotion. The integrative analysis of animal behavior using fly larvae could establish a practical framework for scrutinizing the behavior of other animal species.
Volume 17
Pages 1175899
Published 2023-1-1
DOI 10.3389/fncir.2023.1175899
PMID 37711343
PMC PMC10499525
MeSH Animals Behavior, Animal* Drosophila* Interneurons Larva Locomotion