RRC ID 79451
Author Asa Budnick, Megan J. Franklin, Delecia Utley, Brianne Edwards, Melodi Charles, Eli D. Hornstein, Heike Sederoff
Title Long‐ and short‐read sequencing methods discover distinct circular RNA pools in Lotus japonicus
Journal The Plant Genome
Abstract Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are covalently closed single‐stranded RNAs, generated through a back‐splicing process that links a downstream 5′ site to an upstream 3′ end. The only distinction in the sequence between circRNA and their linear cognate RNA is the back splice junction. Their low abundance and sequence similarity with their linear origin RNA have made the discovery and identification of circRNA challenging. We have identified almost 6000 novel circRNAs from Lotus japonicus leaf tissue using different enrichment, amplification, and sequencing methods as well as alternative bioinformatics pipelines. The different methodologies identified different pools of circRNA with little overlap. We validated circRNA identified by the different methods using reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and characterized sequence variations using nanopore sequencing. We compared validated circRNA identified in L. japonicus to other plant species and showed conservation of high‐confidence circRNA‐expressing genes. This is the first identification of L. japonicus circRNA and provides a resource for further characterization of their function in gene regulation. CircRNAs identified in this study originated from genes involved in all biological functions of eukaryotic cells. The comparison of methodologies and technologies to sequence, identify, analyze, and validate circRNA from plant tissues will enable further research to characterize the function and biogenesis of circRNA in L. japonicus.
Volume 17
Published 2024-3-1
DOI 10.1002/tpg2.20429
PMID 38243772
MeSH Gene Expression Regulation Lotus* / genetics Lotus* / metabolism RNA RNA Splicing RNA, Circular* / genetics RNA, Circular* / metabolism
Lotus / Glycine Gifu B-129