RRC ID 80198
Author Li K, Ye Z, Chen G, Zheng K, Yin J, Debnath SC, Yan C, Hong Y, Guo Z, Wang P, Wu F, Zheng D.
Title Atopomonas sediminilitoris sp. nov., isolated from beach sediment of Zhairuo Island, China.
Journal Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
Abstract A novel bacterium designated A3.4T was isolated from the beach sediment of Zhairuo Island, which is located in the East China Sea. Strain A3.4T was found to be Gram-stain negative, cream coloured, rod-shaped, aerobic and motile via a single monopolar flagellum. The isolate grows at 20-37 °C (optimum 25-30 °C), at pH 6.0-8.0 (optimum pH 7.0-8.0), and in the presence of 0-5.0% (w/v) NaCl (optimum 0.5-1%). A3.4T has catalase and oxidase activity. The predominant fatty acids (≥ 10%) of the strain were identified as C16:0, summed feature 3 (C16:1 ω7c /C16:1 ω6c) and summed feature 8 (C18:1 ω7c /C18:1 ω6c). Q-9 was identified as the major isoprenoid quinone, with trace levels of Q-8 present. The major polar lipids were identified as diphosphatidylglycerol, phosphatidylethanolamine and phosphatidylglycerol. The draft genome size is 3.55 Mb, with a DNA G + C content of 57.7 mol%. Analysis of the 16S rRNA gene sequence of strain A3.4T indicates that it belongs to the genus Atopomonas and shares high sequence similarity with Atopomonas hussainii JCM 19513T (97.60%). This classification was also supported by phylogenetic analysis using rpoB and several core genes. The genome of strain A3.4T shows an average nucleotide identity of 82.3%, an amino acid identity of 83.0%, and a digital DNA-DNA hybridization value of 22.1% with A. hussainii. In addition, 20 conserved signature indels (CSIs) were identified to be specific for A3.4T and A. hussainii, demonstrating that the strain A3.4T is closely related to A. hussainii rather than other species of family Pseudomonadaceae. Hundreds of unique genes were identified in the genomes of A3.4T and A. hussainii, which may underly multiple phenotypic differences between these strains. Based on phenotypic, chemotaxonomic, phylogenetic, and genomic investigations, strain A3.4T is concluded to represent a novel species of the genus Atopomonas, for which the name Atopomonas sediminilitoris sp. nov. is proposed. The type strain is A3.4T (= LMG 32563T = MCCC 1K07166T).
Volume 116(2)
Pages 97-107
Published 2023-2-1
DOI 10.1007/s10482-022-01780-2
PII 10.1007/s10482-022-01780-2
PMID 36222940
MeSH Bacterial Typing Techniques China DNA DNA, Bacterial / chemistry DNA, Bacterial / genetics Fatty Acids* / analysis Phospholipids* / analysis Phylogeny RNA, Ribosomal, 16S / genetics Sequence Analysis, DNA
General Microbes JCM 19513