RRC ID 80474
Author Liu S, Guo QC, An ZR, Hui FL.
Title Danielozyma pruni sp. nov., an asexual yeast species isolated from insect frass.
Journal Int J Syst Evol Microbiol
Abstract Two strains (NYNU 218101 and NYNU 218104) of an asexual yeast species were isolated from insect frass collected in insect tunnels of red leaf plum trees in the Henan Province, central China. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the D1/D2 domain of the large subunit rRNA gene and the internal transcribed spacer (ITS) region showed that these two strains belonged to the genus Danielozyma, with Danielozyma litseae as the closest known species. They differed from the type strain of D. litseae by 0.6 % substitutions (three substitutions and one gap) in the D1/D2 domain and by 5.1 % substitutions (19 substitutions and six gaps) in the ITS region, respectively. When compared with the partial ACT1, TEF1 and RPB1 gene sequences, they differed by 3 % (26 substitutions), 2.7 % (25 substitutions) and 9 %(54 substitutions) from D. litseae NRRL YB-3246T in these regions. Physiologically, they also differed from its closest known species D. litseae based on the ability to assimilate inulin and galactitol, as well as to grow in 0.1 % cycloheximide and its inability to ferment maltose and raffinose. In order to classify the two new isolates based on morphological and molecular evidence, we proposed the description of a novel species Danielozyma pruni sp. nov. with strain JCM 35735T as holotype (Mycobank MB 849101).
Volume 73(11)
Published 2023-11-1
DOI 10.1099/ijsem.0.006124
PMID 37991229
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