RRC ID 80596
Author Baba T, Hirose D.
Title A cryptic root isolate belonging to Geoglossales from potted Rhododendron: its molecular phylogeny and ability to colonize an ericoid mycorrhizal host in vitro.
Journal Mycorrhiza
Abstract Although the lifestyle of Geoglossales remains largely unknown, recent advancements have established a hypothesis regarding the ericoid mycorrhizal lifestyle of geoglossoid fungi. In this study, we focused on one isolate of Geoglossales sp. obtained from surface-sterilized roots of potted Rhododendron transiens. We aimed to reveal the phylogenetic position and in vitro colonizing ability of this species in the hair roots of ericoid mycorrhizal plants. Based on our multigene phylogenetic tree, this species is a sister of the genus Sarcoleotia which has not been reported from either other studies or field environment. Its ascocarps could not be obtained, and conspecific sequences were not found in the databases and repositories examined. The Geoglossales sp. colonized the vital rhizodermal cells of blueberries in vitro with hyphal coils. There were relatively large morphological variations of coils consistent with extraradical hyphae; however, overall, the colonization morphologically resembled those by Sarcoleotia globosa and representative ericoid mycorrhizal fungi. The taxonomy and ecological significance of the species remain to be resolved; nevertheless, our results suggest that the ericoid mycorrhizal lifestyle may be widespread within Geoglossales.
Volume 33(5-6)
Pages 449-456
Published 2023-11-1
DOI 10.1007/s00572-023-01130-8
PII 10.1007/s00572-023-01130-8
PMID 37882855
MeSH Mycorrhizae* Phylogeny Plant Roots / microbiology Plants Rhododendron* / microbiology
General Microbes JCM 39368