RRC ID 80636
Author Yu HT, Shang YJ, Zhu HY, Han PJ, Wang QM, Santos ARO, Barros KO, Souza GFL, Alvarenga FBM, Abegg MA, Rosa CA, Bai FY.
Title Yueomyces silvicola sp. nov., a novel ascomycetous yeast species unable to utilize ammonium, glutamate, and glutamine as sole nitrogen sources.
Journal Yeast
Abstract Five yeast strains isolated from tree bark and rotten wood collected in central and southwestern China, together with four Brazilian strains (three from soil and rotting wood collected in an Amazonian rainforest biome and one from Bromeliad collected in Alagoas state) and one Costa Rican strain isolated from a flower beetle, represent a new species closely related with Yueomyces sinensis in Saccharomycetaceae, as revealed by the 26S ribosomal RNA gene D1/D2 domain and the internal transcribed spacer region sequence analysis. The name Yueomyces silvicola sp. nov. is proposed for this new species with the holotype China General Microbiological Culture Collection Center 2.6469 (= Japan Collection of Microorganisms 34885). The new species exhibits a whole-genome average nucleotide identity value of 77.8% with Y. sinensis. The two Yueomyces species shared unique physiological characteristics of being unable to utilize ammonium and the majority of the amino acids, including glutamate and glutamine, as sole nitrogen sources. Among the 20 amino acids tested, only leucine and tyrosine can be utilized by the Yueomyces species. Genome sequence comparison showed that GAT1, which encodes a GATA family protein participating in transcriptional activation of nitrogen-catabolic genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae, is absent in the Yueomyces species. However, the failure of the Yueomyces species to utilize ammonium, glutamate, and glutamine, which are generally preferred nitrogen sources for microorganisms, implies that more complicated alterations in the central nitrogen metabolism pathway might occur in the genus Yueomyces.
Volume 40(11)
Pages 540-549
Published 2023-11-1
DOI 10.1002/yea.3901
PMID 37818980
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General Microbes JCM 34885