RRC ID 80774
Author Mazzetto M, Gonzalez LE, Sanchez N, Reinke V.
Title Characterization of the distribution and dynamics of chromatin states in the C. elegans germline reveals substantial H3K4me3 remodeling during oogenesis.
Journal Genome Res
Abstract Chromatin organization in the C. elegans germline is tightly regulated and critical for germ cell differentiation. Although certain germline epigenetic regulatory mechanisms have been identified, how they influence chromatin structure and ultimately gene expression remains unclear, in part because most genomic studies have focused on data collected from intact worms comprising both somatic and germline tissues. We therefore analyzed histone modification and chromatin accessibility data from isolated germ nuclei representing undifferentiated proliferating and meiosis I populations to define chromatin states. We correlated these states with overall transcript abundance, spatiotemporal expression patterns, and the function of small RNA pathways. Because the essential role of the germline is to transmit genetic information and establish gene expression in the early embryo, we compared epigenetic and transcriptomic profiles from undifferentiated germ cells to those of embryos to define the epigenetic changes during this developmental transition. The active histone modification H3K4me3 shows particularly dynamic remodeling as germ cells differentiate into oocytes, which suggests a mechanism for establishing early transcription of essential genes during zygotic genome activation. This analysis highlights the dynamism of the chromatin landscape across developmental transitions and provides a resource for future investigation into epigenetic regulatory mechanisms in germ cells.
Volume 34(1)
Pages 57-69
Published 2024-2-7
DOI 10.1101/gr.278247.123
PII gr.278247.123
PMID 38164610
PMC PMC10903938
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