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Species Resource Title
GBIF Herbarium Specimens of Museum of Nature and Human Activities, Hyogo Pref., Japan , Long-term fauna and flora records of the experimental forests of the Forest Research Station of Hokkaido University, Japan , Marine Invertebrata specimen database of Osaka Museum of Natutal History , Fish monitoring data in Lake Kasumigaura , JODC Dataset , Marine Biological Sample Database, JAMSTEC , Mollusca specimens of Wakayama Prefectural Museum of Natural History , Fish Collection of Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba , Project for Reef Fish Monitoring , JAMSTEC_MULTISPLASH2006_SagamiBay_Siphonophora Climate Change Drives Poleward Increases and Equatorward Declines in Marine Species.
GBIF Ibaraki Nature Museum, Mammals collection , Gunma Museum of Natural History, Mammal Specimen , Mammalians Specimens of Akita Prefectural Museum Infomap Bioregions: Interactive Mapping of Biogeographical Regions from Species Distributions.
GAIN Anatomical variation of habitat-related changes in scapular morphology.
Chicken / Quail Thyroid hormone and seasonal regulation of reproduction.
Cellular slime molds G02564 On the evolutionary conservation of the cell death pathway: mitochondrial release of an apoptosis-inducing factor during Dictyostelium discoideum cell death.