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Species Resource Title
General Microbes JCM 3198 Gordonia tangerina sp. nov., isolated from seawater.
General Microbes JCM 34753 Proteiniphilum propionicum sp. nov., a novel member of the phylum Bacteroidota isolated from pit clay used to produce Chinese liquor.
General Microbes JCM 34726 Staphylococcus taiwanensis sp. nov., isolated from human blood.
General Microbes JCM 34403 Devosia salina sp. nov., isolated from South China Sea sediment.
General Microbes JCM 4144 , JCM 10116 , JCM 4041 Streptomyces corallincola and Kineosporia corallincola sp. nov., two new coral-derived marine actinobacteria.
General Microbes JCM 32514 Sporosarcina jiandibaonis sp. nov., isolated from saline soil.
General Microbes JCM 32959 , JCM 9908 , JCM 32473 Halobaculum rubrum sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a salt lake.
General Microbes JCM 34140 Fundicoccus fermenti sp. nov., an indigo-reducing facultative anaerobic alkaliphile isolated from indigo fermentation liquor used for dyeing.
General Microbes JCM 34361 , JCM 34502 Lactobacillus huangpiensis sp. nov. and Lactobacillus laiwuensis sp. nov., isolated from the gut of honeybee (Apis mellifera).
General Microbes JCM 15447 , JCM 21266 , JCM 33661 , JCM 19534 Mesobacterium pallidum gen. nov., sp. nov., Heliomarina baculiformis gen. nov., sp. nov. and Oricola indica sp. nov., three novel Alphaproteobacteria members isolated from deep-sea water in the southwest Indian ridge.
General Microbes JCM 18414 Noviherbaspirillum aridicola sp. nov., isolated from an arid soil in Pakistan.
General Microbes JCM 8880 , JCM 9275 , JCM 15757 Halorubrum salinarum sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon isolated from a saturated brine pond of a saltern.
General Microbes JCM 34601 Massilia soli sp. nov., isolated from soil.
General Microbes JCM 34350 , JCM 34353 , JCM 34351 Diplocloster agilis gen. nov., sp. nov. and Diplocloster modestus sp. nov., two novel anaerobic fermentative members of Lachnospiraceae isolated from human faeces.
General Microbes JCM 13650 Prevotella herbatica sp. nov., a plant polysaccharide-decomposing anaerobic bacterium isolated from a methanogenic reactor.
General Microbes JCM 17277 , JCM 14543 , JCM 30764 Szabonella alba gen. nov., sp. nov., a motile alkaliphilic bacterium of the family Rhodobacteraceae isolated from a soda lake.
General Microbes JCM 11811 Muricauda aurea sp. nov. and Muricauda profundi sp. nov., two marine bacteria isolated from deep sea sediment of Pacific Ocean.
General Microbes JCM 34618 Paenibacillus caui sp. nov., a nitrogen-fixing species isolated from the rhizosphere soil of a peach tree.
General Microbes JCM 14320 , JCM 14321 Agromyces agglutinans sp. nov., isolated from saline lake sediment.
General Microbes JCM 33782 , JCM 30532 Caproicibacterium lactatifermentans sp. nov., isolated from pit clay used for the production of Chinese strong aroma-type liquor.