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General Microbes JCM 1649 Clinical significance of Bacteroides fragilis as a potential prognostic factor in colorectal cancer.
Human and Animal Cells MKN7 , MKN45(RCB1001) Overexpression of forkhead box M1 transcription factor (FOXM1) is a potential prognostic marker and enhances chemoresistance for docetaxel in gastric cancer.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7(RCB1366) PSMD9 promotes the malignant progression of hepatocellular carcinoma by interacting with c-Cbl to activate EGFR signaling and recycling.
Human and Animal Cells PANC-1(RCB2095) High RRN3 expression is associated with malignant characteristics and poor prognosis in pancreatic cancer.
Human and Animal Cells TE-5(RCB1949) , TE-8(RCB2098) , TE-11(RCB2100) , TE-15(RCB1951) Plasma miR-1254 as a predictive biomarker of chemosensitivity and a target of nucleic acid therapy in esophageal cancer.
Human and Animal Cells HSC-3(RCB1975) , SCCKN(RCB0441) , SAS(RCB1974) DKK3/CKAP4 axis is associated with advanced stage and poorer prognosis in oral cancer.
Human and Animal Cells HCT116(RCB2979) The Expression and Role of NADPH Oxidase 2 in Colon Cancer.
Human and Animal Cells MKN1(RCB1003) , MKN7(RCB0999) , MKN28(RCB1000) , MKN45(RCB1001) , MKN74(RCB1002) , Kato III(RCB2088) Loss of trefoil factor 1 is regulated by DNA methylation and is an independent predictive factor for poor survival in advanced gastric cancer.
Human and Animal Cells RERF-LC-AI(RCB0444) Clinicopathological significance of peritumoral alveolar macrophages in patients with resected early-stage lung squamous cell carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells HSC-3(RCB1975) Transcriptomic analysis of Porphyromonas gingivalis-infected head and neck cancer cells: Identification of PLAU as a candidate prognostic biomarker.
Human and Animal Cells MKN7(RCB0999) , MKN45(RCB1001) , MKN74(RCB1002) , HGC-27(RCB0500) , NUGC-4(RCB1939) Effects of TRPV2 on the Expression of PD-L1 and Its Binding Ability to PD-1 in Gastric Cancer.
Human and Animal Cells T98G(RCB1954) , U251(RCB0461) Increased expression of pituitary tumor-transforming gene (PTTG)-1 is correlated with poor prognosis in glioma patients.
Human and Animal Cells HuH-7 Inhibitory effects of transcription factor Ikaros on the expression of liver cancer stem cell marker CD133 in hepatocellular carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells HL60(RCB0041) Expression of survivin messenger RNA correlates with poor prognosis in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) Hypoxia affects in vitro growth of newly established cell lines from patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.
Human and Animal Cells TE-1(RCB1894) , TE-10(RCB2099) Aberrant expression of EZH2 is associated with a poor outcome and P53 alteration in squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus.
Human and Animal Cells PK-1(RCB1972) Treatment of primary and metastatic breast and pancreatic tumors upon intravenous delivery of a PRDM14-specific chimeric siRNA/nanocarrier complex.
Human and Animal Cells 293(RCB1637) A DDX31/Mutant-p53/EGFR Axis Promotes Multistep Progression of Muscle-Invasive Bladder Cancer.
Human and Animal Cells JHOS-4(RCB1678) LSR Antibody Therapy Inhibits Ovarian Epithelial Tumor Growth by Inhibiting Lipid Uptake.
Human and Animal Cells 293T(RCB2202) , CACO-2(RCB0988) , HCT116(RCB2979) , LoVo(RCB1639) Prohaptoglobin is a possible prognostic biomarker for colorectal cancer.